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Wedding planning is a challenging process and there are sure to be times of predictable confusion when making certain decisions.  Bridal makeup and hair styling are definitely at the top of the list of things you want to get right!  You will surely want to be in-the-know with the latest makeup trends, following tutorials on blogs and video sites, maybe taking time to stop by a makeup counter in a store to try out a new product launch. You may still feel at a loss when it comes to your special wedding day look.

That’s where Kiki’s Bridal comes in! We have been working with brides for over 15 years and we have learned quite a few things.  Every bride wants to look flawless and natural, plus glamorous and radiant as well!  Kiki’s Bridal has developed some no-miss guidelines on how to achieve this goal.

Here are some tips:

Make your appointment to engage the services of a wedding event professional at least six months prior to the day of the event, particularly for a wedding scheduled on the weekend. This will allow the hair and makeup artists ample time to demonstrate a style that will work for your special glamorous event.

From experience, we know that it’s important to consider the effect of background light and then there is the importance of choosing the right colors for you from the palette available. Rehearsals are the time to sort this out in preparation for the actual event. We have the experienced list of situations to avoid and the right choices to make it all come together for you and your whole wedding party.

It is always better to be very familiar and comfortable in advance with the professionals who will be serving you through advanced research about the personality, performance and qualifications of our staff. We have plenty of testimonials and commendations to share with you. Just inquire!

Our expert styling team can help you decide whether the most trendy or the classic looks in bridal hairstyles and makeup will work best for you and your wedding party. We can show you look-books or copy anything you care to show us!

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Jel S. - Thorndale, PA

“My wedding planner recommended Keighley and I can see why - attention to every detail and a professional attitude. Keighley and her assistant put the shine on my whole wedding party!”

Mr. & Mrs. John Kanicki

"Keighley’s planning and execution on the wedding day was meticulous and flawless.  This was no small task.  We had 5 bridesmaids, 3 flower girls, 2 mothers, 2 step mothers and the bride.  Keighley was able to work with all of their styles and was able to make everyone elated with their appearance for this special occasion.  The bride truly enjoyed the special attention and not having to worry about her hair with everything else going on her wedding day. Keighley’s professionalism and talent are unsurpassed and we would highly recommend her for any event."

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